Doğuş Müşteri Sistemleri
Doğuş Müşteri Sistemleri
Doğuş Müşteri Sistemleri

Doğuş Müşteri Sistemleri (Doğuş Marketing Services)

DMS began operations in October 2014, propelled by a vision of creating seamless customer experiences and constantly improving the quality of those experiences. Based on that vision, the company set itself the mission of developing the marketing analytics and customer experience platforms that are the cornerstones of a customer-centric culture.

DMS is committed to creating personalized solutions that enhance customer loyalty by delivering flawless service quality based on an innovative approach that leverages lifestyle-driven customer profiles. The aim is to provide the highest quality service possible by identifying customers' expectations and increasing their satisfaction, while targeting their emotions to trigger conversion.

To achieve these objectives, DMS draws on an extensive product, service, partnership and sponsorship portfolio. The company’s structure is designed to provide its brand partners with a range of services including integrated customer relations management, business analytics, cross-marketing and customer experience management.

DMS will leverage not only the Doğuş Group's own brands but also other category-leading brands, integrating sectors that the Doğuş Group does not serve into the program. This will allow DMS to ensure that it fully meets the expectations of the customers it serves by fulfilling both their rational and emotional needs.

DMS is currently developing a number of value-added products offering a variety of different functions designed to touch both corporate and retail customers. These tools will provide innovative solutions that facilitate the implementation of a synergistic approach to customer acquisition, promote customer loyalty, increase repeat sales and optimize customer service standards at participating Doğuş Group and non-group brands.

Projects developed by DMS will seek to establish deep-seated emotional bonds with consumers and strengthen their emotional relationships with brands. Within this framework, DMS is setting the bar high, aiming to play an inspiring role in promoting awareness of customer satisfaction while simultaneously generating exceptional customer experience in its area of operations.

Doğuş Müşteri Sistemleri


To provide our customers with personalized experiences that simplify their lives and reward their loyalty.

Doğuş Müşteri Sistemleri


To create customer-focused marketing analytics and customer experience platforms.

Doğuş Müşteri Sistemleri


We are quick, practical, passionate, innovative and social.



ZUBİZU is a brand new mobile application, enriched with current trends and shaped according to your interests and hobbies. In ZUBİZU world, you'll find daily updated content based on your interests, discounts on your favorite brands, easy access to the concerts and cultural activities of your city, easy reservation to exclusive restaurants and much more. Now meet ZUBİZU to create new stories to tell and live a happy and joyful life.

Rezervin – Online Restaurant Booking System

Rezervin is a brand new digital solution which improves restaurant reservation experience and paves the way for the customers eating outdoors and managements seeking a well-ordered reservation system.

The online booking system minimizes the time spent for booking while helping restaurant customers to make more appropriate choices by offering different suggestions and detailed information about restaurants.

Do – Doğuş Group Employees Value Platform

Do, or Doğuş Group Employees Value Platform, is a distinct world created for adding value to the lives of Doğuş Group employees, enabling them to express themselves with their own colors and values and realizing their joint dreams.

The program offers special advantages to employees for both Doğuş Group brands and various other leading brands in the industry. Furthermore, they are entitled to benefit from special events and surprise gifts that shall contribute to their personal development and hobbies and add joy to their lives.